Speckled Hen Coffee & Kitchen opened in July of 2015 on Main Street in Historic Strasburg, PA.



Speckled Hen was cofounded by Ryan and Janae Dagen, who are also local residents of Historic Strasburg. Their shared entrepreneurial spirit combined with a passion for the local community, quality coffee, and fresh food is what inspired them to open The Hen.

The name "Speckled Hen" represents a value for diversity and embracing our differences. The Dagens wanted to create a space where all would be welcome to grow in community and in appreciation for great coffees and foods. At the Speckled Hen, we believe that the unique attributes or "speckles" we possess is what makes community so rich and beautiful. We love providing a space for friends, neighbors, and strangers to meet, learn, and grow. It is our belief that when we embrace our differences an even more beautiful type of community can be discovered and enjoyed!

The Hen is also symbolic of our love for local farm culture; a heritage that Ryan and Janae grew up surrounded by in Lancaster County. Ryan's mom was born into an Amish family affording him the opportunity to grow up eating delicious Lancaster farm favorites made fresh by his mom, aunts, and grandparents; while Janae's family farm, the Runnymede in Quarryville PA, has been family run for over 50 years and supplies the eggs served daily in The Hen's breakfast favorites. 

With so many food options available to us everyday, we are passionate about serving a menu that is FRESH, LOCAL & SIMPLE.


We proudly partner with the following Local Purveyors:

Verdant View Farms - Beef

Mecks Produce

Maplehofe Dairy

Passenger Coffee Roaster

Runnymede Farms - Eggs

Stockins Apiaries - Honey & Maple Syrup

Michael's Homestyle Breads

Nathan Miller Chocolate

Menno Tea

Lapp Valley Farms - Ice Cream

Pequea Valley Farms - Yogurt

The Herb Shop

True Vine Farms - Produce